22 September 2011

The clouds have parted

Objects are important to me. Little objects that communicate with each other. Cuddle, lean, smother each other. I think they all find their way into my work. The work table has definitely spun a little out of control...more than I like actually. But I got on a roll this afternoon...You know, that all wonderful, mysterious Flow. One of my friends recently referred to it as "coming up from a fog"...I knew what she was talking about, and I knew I hadn't felt it in a while, and I missed. I'd been thinking about being in that glorious art-fog since last Tuesday, and finally today, as about 3 o'clock it rolled in.


Pink, and flesh color utensils have been calling my name. I don't have the slightest idea way...Maybe it's the end of summer, and I'm pining for the prolonging of exposed skin. The bright girly girl pink, I have no excuse for.

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