18 January 2011

yes, yes, I know I'm a month late with this...

it seems I just have better things to do around the holidays than upload pictures to the ol' mac and tend to my blog. Now that Christmas (both with my family and Michael's family) is done, New Years is officially far in the past, and even my birthday is a somewhat distant memory, I will have time for blogging and oh, yes, school.

Even though I had to replace the entire exhaust system on my car, the holidays were good. They were days full family and friends, with no shortage of food or spirits. I am severely struggling to get back into my school routine. It seems as though my body has literally forgotten how to wake up at 7:30. I am easing myself back in with the making of Valentines (yes, I know, not a good way to spend grad school, but I'm mostly doing them at night). Seriously, this semester is off to a really, really tough start. I did a good 5 or 6 drawings over break, but I'm just not on the same roll that I was in December right before end of term crits.
Anyway, I hope all of you had a wonderful break, drank as much booze and (believe it or not) got as much house cleaning done as I did.
Happy New Years! Here's to the making of lots and lots of art (not necessarily good art) this year!! :)

screwing in and unbinding the Christmas fern

my favorite ornament... guys, it's an OWL!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from the Christmas Dog


Ruth said...

And such a cute Christmas dog, at that :)

Jana Bailey said...

haha, i know right? it was a challenge to get him to sit there too