29 November 2010

My trip home for a pre-Thanksgiving feast

This was a potentially great chocolate pound cake, but in my opinion, the cooked result sucked.

(sorry this is the only picture of food on this "Thanksgiving" post)

Little bit of Bluemoon and nail polish, with Five Crowns.

Nines were wild!!

Sister and brother.


Ruth and Jana with The Wall


Children siblings with sisters

Brother, sister, mother and Snowball <3
(I guess Skip was "napping" somewhere)

Well, that's all I have of Connecticut for this time. Hopefully I'll be better about taking pictures at Christmas In Connecticut. In the mean time, I'm working on hammering out a 7-10 page paper and a corresponding power point (puke). Also, Friday I have my term review with about 8 critics....so I'm looking forward to that too ;)

good riddens, Springfield.

back home.

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Ruth said...

Ah, I miss you! Love my Frida photo, thank you. And YOUR NEW BANNER?! I almost thought it wasn't a photo of yours, but then I saw the fingers, and I knew it had to be. Wow!