02 October 2010

I BOUGHT a new camera cord...

oil, acrylic and pen on 4 gessoed watercolor paper, sewn together

oil on canvas
8" x 8"

oil on mylar
2" x 2"

oil and acrylic on canvas (aka a mess)

mylar stretched on stretcher bars, oil, sewing machine, fabric installation

oil on canvas
6" x 6"



idea revisited

latex, queen anne's lace, test tube, yarn, prepared canvas


oil on canvas
6" x 6"

oil on canvas, yarn
4" x 6"

oil on water color paper
4" x 6"


Jes said...

ok, i love where all of this is heading!

Ruth said...

Wait, did you know most laptops have a space for inserting a camera's memory card directly into the computer?

These are beautiful!

Jana Bailey said...

i'm aware. my old computer had one. macs don't even have that option... :(

and thanks Ruth!

Anna said...

What awesome new work! I'm loving the painting with the red strings sorta framing it.... very impressive!