07 June 2010

Impromptu Connecticut

I spent last Friday through Tuesday in Connecticut. I hadn't planned on going, but life doesn't always let me know what she has planned.
I got to be with family and long lost friends for a whole four days. Mrs. Clark's birthday celebration, Memorial Day, Five Crowns, and foodfoodfoodfoodandmorefood

singing happy birthday

attempting to light in the wind

Misty Two

my one and only best friend

adorable and hand made by Ruth


folks playing bocce ball (things white people like)

my favorite flower

mom and sister

my favorite dad

brother with girlfriend (Yvette and Zeven, respectively)

sister with boyfriend (Matt and Serena, respectively)

More Ruth things

More Ruth things ;)

of course, Five Crowns with amazingly delicious Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Beato with sparklers

most toasty fire

this time, I loved Connecticut


Rachel said...

It was so good to see you!

Ruth said...

I am loving every minute of this post :)