22 September 2009

New Studio, New Work

Here is my work space, also known as my studio. It is small, but not too cramped. The photos are via photobooth. I don't know where the back up camera battery charger is. So, I dragged the Book downstairs, steadied it and pressed the little red button. They are grainy. Enjoy!

Work table.

The first piece of work I created in my new studio.

The Golden Bumble Sleeping in the Roses
3 x 4"
Bumble Bee, gold spray paint, red thread,
stretched canvas, acrylic paint, hot glue and pre-fabricated tassels

I have been thinking a lot about layering things, in a reptilian, scaly fashion. I have to get more tassels....


the Music of the Night said...

Congrats jana! that's awesome!!
I love the art work too!! very nice!

My name is Cait said...

um. i want this. trade? sell?

Jes said...

hey lady! I have some really cool golden tassles...want em?

Jannalyn Bailey said...

no and yes

Anna said...

This is so great! I love it!